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Team Management Pro is free online system for managing teams, projects and tasks. It is for small firms, which wants to improve and to make more efficient their work process, but can not afford to buy and maintenance professional and expensive CRM or ERP system.
Team Management Pro allows you to manage and optimize work time of your employees, project's flow and their related tasks. You can start using it immediately after the registration. We try to make Software simple and it does not requires any IT knowledge or experience. Start with entering your employees and give then the access web address for the system then you can create a project with related tasks. Assign every task to one of your employees, you can define a priority and deadline for every task. Finally watch task completion and comment it with the employee through the system
Team Management Pro offers you following advantages:
Free software
Team Management Pro is free, and you don't have to sped money for hardware and maintenance
Efficiently team management
With one click you can track who does what and how it is going.
Database with client and orders
History with finished client's orders.
Accessesible from everywhere
You can control your business from every interned connected place
Software is in English

Support and development
IF you have any problems or suggestion please contact us

Team Management Pro Live Demo

Organize work process in your company and stop worrying about who should does what and how it is going.
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